At this time, we are accepting short stories in horror and dark fiction for the INK STAINS anthology. 

We are also currently accepting short stories, essays, poetry, artwork, and reviews for Strange Fictions SciFi & Fantasy 'Zine.


We are currently accepting submissions of short fiction and poetry in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and other forms of speculative fiction for Strange Fictions ‘Zine.

We are also accepting submissions of artwork, essays, and reviews.

We are open to submissions from both previously published and first-time authors of short stories, poetry, reviews, and essays (1,000-6,000) for the Strange Fictions SciFi & Fantasy ‘Zine for online publication.

By submitting your work, you guarantee that:

  • it is your own original work,
  • you hold the copyright,
  • it does not infringe on existing copyright material,
  • you have written permission for any copyrighted material included in the work,
  • it is not libelous.

We prefer previously unpublished works, however we will consider previously published work on a case-by-case basis for work that is out-of-print, or no longer available. Please ensure any previous publication details are included on your cover letter.

Manuscripts should be double spaced and use a standard 12 point font (such as Times New Roman) and be in a Word document (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Files (.rtf). Any other formats will be automatically rejected.
The first page of your uploaded manuscript must include a cover letter complete with:

  • a pitch statement about your piece,
  • the word count,
  • the genre,
  • author biography,
  • prior publication credits, and
  • author contact info.

Any submission that does not comply with our submission guidelines will be probably be rejected.

Due to the sheer volume of submissions received, the review process may take up to six to nine months. We publish continuously, so please be patient. It is our policy to respond to all queries, so if you haven’t heard from us in nine months, please feel free to inquire.
We accept simultaneous submissions but please withdraw your piece by signing into the submissions manager and removing it from the queue as soon as possible upon its acquisition elsewhere.
Strange Fictions Press is an imprint of Vagabondage Press, LLC., a royalty-paying digital and print publisher. We offer a generous royalty package for standalone publications that includes 50 percent of net profits after print, distribution costs, and discount incentives. Please visit for novel or novella length submissions information.
Text Pay Rates: For online Strange Fictions SF&F ‘Zine acquisitions, we offer a flat-rate payment for both digital publication and possible addition to our print anthologies. Authors of acquired pieces for Strange Fictions SF&F ‘Zine will receive a flat fee payment of $5 for stories, essays, and poetry of 4,999 words and under, and $10 for stories, essays, and reviews of 5,000-6,000,  words. Payment is made at the end of the month of publication via PayPal.
Rights Required: Exclusive worldwide English print and digital rights for one year are required, with two years required if chosen for print publication anthologies. Previously published work will not be accepted if it is still available for purchase or is accessible online. This includes pieces currently available on publicly accessible personal websites.
Art Submissions: For art submissions, artists will be paid $2 per accepted 72dpi or 96dpi image for non-exclusive rights. Images at 300dpi for print publication can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis after digital publication. Previously shown or published works are acceptable.
Credits:  Both writers and artists are welcome to include a bio of up to 200 words for publication, and may include up to three live links to professional websites, author profiles, or social media sites for inclusion in our digital publication.

Join our dysfunctional family. Ink Stains Anthology, a now-yearly literary journal filled with tales of dark fiction and horror from Dark Alley Press, is open for submissions.

Submissions are open for pieces 3,000-20,0000 words that fall under DARK FICTION, including horror, gothic, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk, and black comedy. (Note: we are not looking for traditional thriller/mystery/crime/sci-fi pieces.)

Authors of acquired pieces for Ink Stains Anthology will receive a flat fee payment of $5 for stories 4,999 words and under, $10 for stories 5,000-9,999 words, $15 for stories 10,000-14,999 and $20 for 15,000-20,000 words. Authors may also buy copies of the anthology at cost. 

Exclusive worldwide English print and digital rights for one year are required. Previously published work will not be accepted if it is still available for purchase or is accessible online.

All submissions MUST include a plot summary, word count and author bio. 

Submissions without summaries or word count will be rejected unread. 

Do not submit more than one piece in the same file.

Vagabondage Press LLC